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I'm a big FPS gamer and my main game is Battlefield. Since the ps4 was released, a lot of my PC friends have moved over to console and I to followed after my PC died. Now I'm not to bad at controller and I tried to get better, but I just didn't feel as confident and do the things I could do with a M/K config.

I looked into the Cronusmax and as much as that adapter worked, it had quite a few flaws. First thing that pissed me off is the fact I had to muck around for hours on end trying to find the best Deadzone/acceleration/sensitivity and other options. If these where not set properly, then it would feel unresponsive, clunky and not accurate at all. In fact, I felt like I doke better on controller than use the CronusMax. I put a lot of time into the adapter and learnt a lot, but even with the best settings possible for my set up. It did not feel right and I gave up with it.

The aimon was a better product, but again it just didn't feel like 1-1 feel like I had with PC and it had some problems. So again, I left it and went back to controller with the thought that I would have to learn to use a controller and that's that.

Then I met a friend on Destiiny and when talking to him, I could here that lovely sound of a mechanical keyboard. I asked him why can I hear a keyboard in the background, and he told me about Xim. I was very skeptical due to previous attempts with adapters but I thought @#$% it, I will give it one last shot and see what Xim is all about.

All I have to say is wow, it works flawlessly. I would not go as far in saying that it has the perfect 1-1 feel because I don't think that is possible, but it is so close that it has satisfied me and in very fussy when it comes to how my mouse controls. I made sure I followed all the videos that are on this website and I watched them in order. They are very important to watch and will get you set up properly without any mistakes. Second, I done a lot of research in what mouse to use and I went with the logitec G502 with the logitec G440 mouse pad. Putting the mouse to save its settings on the mouse instead of computer is essential, because you will need to set your DPI to the highest possible, set the polling rate to 500 or 1000 and also make sure if you have the option too, learn the mouse pad.

Once you have followed everything, got your mouse set up and configured your game. Your ready to go, and this is sooo much easier than what I had to do with the Cronusmax. The only thing you really need to configure is your sensitivity for both hip and ADS, and configure your buttons to your prefered place. My first game, I done shocking, but once I got used to using the mouse and keyboard again I notice my aim was back on point, my confidence was back from when I was a PC gamer and I was doing some insane moves :-)

If you want the best mouse and keyboard experience for console, Xim is the way to go

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