10 best new Android games from May 2019!

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Source: Joe Hindy / @ThatJoeHindy


Ailment is an adventure shooter with roguelike gaming elements. Players wake up on a spaceship without much information. The goal is to explore the ship, find out what happened, and do something about it. The game uses pixel art graphics and a simple control scheme along with a variety of weapons and other perks. It could use a bit of polish, and potentially even hardware controller support, though.

Daggerhood is an engaging new platformer with retro graphics and neat abilities. The game contains 100 levels across five stages and each stage introduces a new power for your character. You also get boss fights, shooter mechanics, and plenty of challenges. It plays at a good pace and it's quite challenging on occasion. The game runs for $2.99 normally, but it's on sale for $1.99 at the time of this writing.

Despotism 3k
Despotism 3k is a sim game with a dark, but humorous and fun premise. You play as an AI overlord and you use humans to run your equipment. Humans have finite energy, die frequently, and need to reproduce. Thus, you balance between procreation, rest, and work. Every play-through is unique and, to be honest, it's a bunch of fun. We tested the game when it was $7.99 and we thought that was a bit high. The developer is selling it for $3.49 right now and for that price, it's hard not to recommend it.

The Eyes of Ara
The Eyes of Ara is a new puzzle game with excellent graphics and a good story. It's almost like a mix of Myst and The Room. You explore, solve puzzles, and progress through the story. It works on both phones and tablets. In addition, the touch controls are actually pretty good. It was originally for PC and you can buy the game for $19.99 on Steam right now. We think the $4.99 version on mobile is the better deal, honestly.

Into the Sky
Into the Sky is another fun little puzzle game. You control a robot and you move blocks around to deflect lasers. The goal is to deflect each laser to its corresponding light to complete the level. This new Android game features 70 levels, offline support, and you can skip levels if they get too stressful. We also like that it's a single price game with no in-app purchases or advertisements. The controls are a little dodgy occasionally, but it's not that bad.

Pokemon Rumble Rush
Pokemon Rumble Rush is the latest game from The Pokemon Company. It's an arcade game so don't expect anything too deep. You play as a single Pokemon and you run through a level beating up other Pokemon. The controls are fairly simple beat-em-up style. Nothing about this game is difficult to play. It may be too simple for some, but it's a good time killer while waiting in line. The game has a few early bugs, but we expect those to get patched sooner rather than later.

Reality Clash AR
Reality Clash AR is an AR shooter. Players roam the real world and shoot at each other through their devices. It's a much more interactive with other players than most AR games. Players assemble in combat zones and then go at it like any other FPS. It's definitely something a little different. However, the game isn't available for all devices so some may not be able to download it yet.

Rumble Stars
Rumble Stars is a rare arcade style sports game. You play soccer against other players, but the rules aren't quite the same. The game includes a variety of trick shots and special abilities along with leagues and other types of competitions. The game is basically solely online multiplayer so there is no offline mode with this one. There are clubs to join, though. It's otherwise a fun time killer as long as you don't take it too seriously.

SpellForce is a mobile game from a popular PC franchise. For the unacquainted, SpellForce is a real-time strategy game. However, the mobile version shifts to a turn-based game play style instead. Players embark on a 13 story campaign mode, The game keeps some of its RPG roots as well with upgradeable units. $7.99 is a bit pricey and the game has a few bugs here and there. However, if the developer straightens it up a bit, this is a good strategy game option.

Whispers of a Machine
Whispers of the Machine is a science fiction noir set in the future. You play as Vera, a cybernetically enhanced special agent who is looking into a case of a fanatic group creating a super intelligent AI. The game has retro graphics, but it fits quite well with the story telling and controls. There are puzzles with multiple answers and your play style is reflected in Vera's upgrades. It's a neat little game for those who like mysteries.

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