Our Stories

Who we are? 

ShopHappily is a leading distributor of video game accessories based in Hong Kong. Over 16 years experience in video games trading, served over 150,000 customers. We are a mature online store. With exclusive distribution of many brands and official licenses, most of the items are imported from manufacturer directly. No extra handling fee and platform charges. Therefore we can offer you what other sellers cannot - the best price & top rated services.


What we sell? 

ShopHappily offers wide range of video games related products to you. No matter it is newest or older generation console, you can find variety of rare tuning parts, gaming adapters, cables, controllers & repair kits in ShopHappily. 



Licensed Brands

Our official licensed brands include the most popular gaming brands worldwide:
- Tuact
- CronusMax
- Hori
- 8Bitdo
- Brook
- iPega
- CrossHair
- MayFlash and much more!