Fortnite Adds A Shark Items, Probably To Celebrate "Shark Week"

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Ahh, that special time of year where we think about sharks more than we normally do. July 22 marks the start of "Shark Week," which is a block of TV programming themed around sharks. Presumably to celebrate the occasion, Fortnite has added some new shark-themed items.

These include a "Chomp Sr." outfit (2,000 V-Bucks) and the "Chomp Jr. pickaxe (1,500 V-Bucks). There is also a new emote called "On The Hook," (500 V-Bucks) which shows your character reeling in a fish (or a shark, I guess) and then showing it off with a smile on your face. All of the items are cosmetic in nature only, just like everything else in the game.



Believe it or not, this year marks the 30th anniversary of Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" event. There is a lot of new stuff this year, including Shaquille O'Neal trying to overcome his fear of his sharks alongside Rob Riggle and Ronda Rousey swimming uncaged with sharks.

In other Fortnite news, the game is celebrating its first anniversary by offering up special quests you can complete to unlock birthday-themed cosmetics and an XP bonus. You can check out GameSpot's previous coverage here to learn all about it.

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