Replacement Bumper Trigger Button Bullet Set



  • $17.30



- High quality and durable

- Give your controller a new and fresh look

- Perfect fit for you Xbox One Elite Controller and work like the originals

- Made by Metal, very good touch feeling

- These are magnetic buttons just like the original so you can swap the buttons as and when you please.

- Compatible for Xbox One Elite Controller


Package Included:

1 x Philips screw driver

1 x Torx security screw driver

4 x Metal trigger levers

2 x Mushroom top analogue sticks

2 x Original xbox style analogue sticks

2 x Extender sticks (about 1cm higher than normal for more precise gameplay)

1 x Metal D-pad concave design

1 x Metal D-pad standard design

1 x Magnetic D-Pad part (the part that sits inside the controller)

2 x Metal analogue sticks (the part that sits inside the controller)

1 x Protective case

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