MEGACOM Pocket Catchmon Go Auto-catching for Pokemon Go Plus Catchmon Automatic Catcher - Pink



  • $59.90

Here's The Poke-Hack That Will Help You Become The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was!
Looking for a stable, easy-to-use, and convenient Pokemon Go Plus phone auto-catcher?
Want to catch them all without having to take out your phone every single time?

Stop searching far and wide!

If your real test is to catch them and your cause is to train them, then you will love this problem-solving Pokemon Go egg hatcher for serious Pokemon trainers. Introducing The Megacom Catchmon Go Pokemon Go Plus Automatic Catcher!

Stop missing all those rare Pokemon every single day.
Stop wasting your time trying to hatch those Poke-eggs.
Here's how you can make your life easier and take all the hassle out of Pokemon Go Plus!

Our single-ID portable Pokemon Go Plus auto-catcher is here to help you:
- Catch Pokemon Faster and More Efficiently
- Stop Leaving XP and Stardust On The Table
- Make Pokemon Egg-Hatching Easier

Why Choose The Megacom Catchmon Go?
- Auto-Collect, Auto-Catch, Auto-Hatch Eggs
- Easy-To-Use, PNP Design - Just Put In The Battery and Play
- One-Touch Wireless Connection - No Apps Required
- Energy-Efficient Power Switch - Turn It Off When Not In Use
- Unique Egg-Hatcher Shape - Amazing Gift Idea For Pokemon Trainers
- Long Range and 1-Month Lasting Battery - Search For Pokemon With Peace Of Mind

1) Devices requires Bluetooth low-energy compatible smartphone with Pokemon Go app installed
2) Compatible with: iPhone 6s or higher device with iOS ver. 11.1 or higher installed / Android devices with 2GB RAM or more / Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth ver. 4.0 or higher) capability and Android Ver.7.0 or higher installed
3) Catchmon Go may fail to pair to device because of the update of Pokemon Go app, and the upgrade of Android and iOS.

Package Includes:
1 x Egg-Hatcher Shaped Pokemon Go Plus Auto Catch Accessory
1 x Keychain For Your Backpack, Fanny Pack Or Bag
1 x Hanging Strap
1 x Drawstring Pouch
1 x Instructions

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