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2022 upgraded version of MEGACOM Dual Catchmon. Now you can complete your Pokemon catching faster with the MEGACOM DuoMon! Dual accounts can be used. Auto catching Pokemon and auto collecting items with voice prompt notice. Smaller size and speed up auto catching. DuoMon will drastically speed up the catching and collecting process so you can become the ultimate trainer faster!

-Dual accounts can be used
-Auto-catching Pokemon
-Auto-collecting items
-NEW! Don't want to miss the animated graphic of new Pokemon? You can now switch on/off of the auto catch function for new Pokemon!
-NEW! Improved design. Faster capturing and collection time now! Wireless connection range up to 20m/65ft.
-NEW! Never miss another rare pocket monster or valuable item thank to built-in voice broadcast function. Paired with the LED notification light, you will be notified every time there's progress. 3-level of volume adjustment (high/low/off).
-NEW! Audible voice prompts for statistic of Pokemon caught. It will count the no. of Pokemon caught during 24hrs of connection.
-Support vibration notification. In-game notification also available.
-Support in-background operation. No more disconnection when your phone is in standby mode or replying messages.
-One-click connection: Automatically replenish and capture, earn stardust, candy and XP.
-NEW! Sliding battery cover design. Never lose the battery cover again!
-Required 2 x AAA batteries (excluded). Recommended to use rechargeable batteries. Standby time up to 600 hours. Disconnect if mobile phone is idle for 10 min. or more to save power. Low battery warning available.
-NEW! Product size about 6 x 6 x 1.3cm with weight 25.7g. More compact and lightweight. Easily fits in your bag, purse, or pocket.
-Take your monster-catching experience to a whole new level. Add the MEGACOM DuoMon for Pokemon Go Plus to your cart TODAY!

System Requirement:
-Bluetooth: 4.0+
-iOS: iPhone 6s or above with iOS 13+
-Android:7.0+ or above

-Parallel import item. Voice prompt is in English only.
-If the device does not auto catch Pokemon, please check the no. of red ball in your item bag.
-If there's any pairing problem, please go to the Bluetooth device to remove Pokemon go plus (do not select Pokemon go plus in the Bluetooth device to pair), and then go to the game, Exit Pokemon go plus, re-click the small circle on the screen, and after a new Pokemon go plus appears, reconnect. Or, you can turn off DuoMon and reopen to reconnect again.
-The device may fail to pair because of the update of Pokémon Go app, or the upgrade of Android and iOS, which is not product quality problem.
-The device will time out automatically every hour or the mobile is idle for 10min. or more. Players have to reconnect it manually.

Package Includes:
1 x MEGACOM DuoMon
1 x Silicon Jacket
1 x Keychain & Strap Set
1 x Manual

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