Mayflash Arcade Fightstick Joystick F300



  • $59.99


-Compatible with PS4,PS3,XBOX ONE,XBOX360 and PC

-Compatible with Sanwa Denshi buttons and joystick that is perfect for
customization to make it your very own. (Sanwa Denshi buttons and
joystick are not included in the packaging and you need to buy them separately).
-Supports the XINPUT and DINPUT when being used on PC
-Supports the Turbo functions with different speed settings you can toy with
-The D-Pad and X/Y Analog Axis mode can be exchanged
-A SONY PS4 Controller is required when using on a PS4 Game Console, and
a Microsoft XBOX 360 or XBOX ONE Controller is required when using on a XBOX 360 or
XBOX ONE Game Console.
-The lever and buttons are designed and placed on same layout as the arcade style.
-The Fighting Stick has considerable heft and rubber feet, both of which work to hold
the controller firmly in place on hard, flat surfaces.
-Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8/Windows 10 .


Dimension: 56.5 x 34.7 x 29cm

Package Includes:
1 x Fightstick
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x Manual

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