Hori Tactical Assault Commander KeyPad Type K2 for PS4/PS4/PC (PS4-124)



  • $152.11

The best keypad controller and mouse for FPS game. You can now easily assign button assignments from smartphone applications!

- Compatible with dedicated smartphone application
Change of button assignment, etc. can now be set more intuitively. In the previous model, since it was the setting procedure by dedicated software from the PC, the procedure up to the operation feeling check of the set content was troublesome. With this product you can easily change the setting from your smartphone, it can be reflected in game play immediately.
- Snipe / Quick / Walk button mounted
You can instantly perform effective motion according to the situation of the place such as precise aiming, quick aiming, walking motion and so on.
- Profile saving function (maximum 8 types in each mode)
You can save the button settings you changed with the Assign mode function in each of the PS4, PS3, and PC modes.
- Touch pad function installed
- Mouse sensitivity adjustment function
Depending on the situation, you need to go to 4 stages (1600/2000/2800/3200 dpi). Adjustable optical gaming mouse is adopted.
- Diagonally upward cable
The root of the cable is diagonally upward and the cable. It can reduce the friction that hangs and can respond to intense operation.

- Supported OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7
- TAC App Supported OS: Android 4.4 or later / iOS 8.0 or later
- Required system: USB port, Internet connection environment
- NOTE: This product only supports X-Input compatible game. D-Input is not supported.

- This product CANNOT be used for PS2, PS and PSOne.
- This product DOES NOT guarantee operation with PS2 standard software.
- This product DOES NOT correspond to light bar, vibration function and motion sensor function. It may not be available with some PS4 and PS3 standard software.
- Depending on the hardware system software, all functions may NOT be available. In that case, please upgrade to the latest system software before using. (PS4 Ver.4.73 or later recommended, PS3 Ver.2.80 or later recommended). Please refer to the owner's manual of PS4 for the system software version check and update.
Mouse cable length: 110 cm, Grip cable length: 3m

Package Includes:
1x Mouse Controller
1x Keypad Controller

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