High Sensitive Six Finger L1 R1 Trigger Game Joystick Handle for iPad/ Android Tablet



  • $6.99

Six Finger Game Joystick is specially designed for games on iPad and Android tablets, such as Knives Out, PUBG, etc. as long as the game allows customizing and draging the keys.

- Four Triggers & Six Fingers Operation: Playing game with 6 fingers, you can move, turn, aim and shoot at the same time by using fingers to press the buttons.
- Easy To Use: No power supply and driver needed. Customize buttons layout without removing the iPad or tablets.
- Possible Adjustment: Made of high-density conductive rubber and alloy buttons. Ensure speedy and sensitive response. With possible adjustment, you can adjust the trigger position according to your preference.
- Protective Soft Non-slip Silicon: Protect your iPad/tablets from scratching. Spring and screw adjustment to hold your iPad/tablets more firm.
- Ergonomic Design: More comfortable grip design and avoid fatigue after long time playing. A charging hole is reserved on the side for charging, and does not block any keys. You can enjoy the gameplay without worrying about the power problem.
- Compatible with iPad/Android tablets with thickness < 10mm

Package Includes:
1 x Six Finger Game Joystick Handle (Set)

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