DOBE Wireless Controller Keyboard Black



  • $9.25


- Connect the keyboard to the back of the Xbox one wireless controller, and then insert the 2.4G receiver to any USB interface of the Xbox one console, then you can start the text message and email in the games to execute text input function with optimal key board design, you can type quickly only by your thumbs, which makes it more convenient and comfortable to use.

- It is designed with number keys form 0-9 and 26 English letter keys and some assistant keys, total are 47 keys.
- It is very easy and convenient to input emails and instant messages.
- It is really a perfect combination of the wireless controller and the keyboard.
- The keyboard draw power from the wireless controller directly, there is no need to charge it with a charging cable.
- This keyboard adopts 2.4G wireless protocol to transfer data, attached with a 2.4G receiver to use
- Installed after the original handle on the keyboard will not destroy handle kit original style
- Compatible with Xbox One Controller (Not compatible with Xbox One Elite controllers)

Wireless transmission distance: 10M
Wireless protocol: 2.4G
Working current: 0.8mA (when you press the button)

Weight: 64g
Dimensions: 142 x 63 x 45mm
Material: ABS

Package Includes:
1x  Wireless Keyboard
1 x Manual

1 x 2.4G receiver

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