Brook X One SE Wireless Controller Adapter Gaming for Xbox Series X Series S for Xbox One for Nintendo Switch for PS4/PC



  • $55.00

Brook X One Adapter SE controller is perfectly compatible with Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC; compatible with PS4 games on PS5; motion control and 3.5mm microphone headset are entirely supported.

- Use Xbox Series S/X/Elite 2 Controller wirelessly on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC (Steam), iOS 13 or above and Android v9 or above
- Support motion control on PS4/Switch
- Support audio function on PS4/Xbox One/Series S/X
- Support TURBO & speed adjustment, remap and HOLD function on PS4/Switch
- Support PS4 games on PS5
- Support PC connection on PS4/Switch/Xbox One/Series S/X (driver may needed)
- Touchpad Emulate via function key for PS4
- Compatible with Xbox Series S/X/Elite 2 controller only
- Compact and lightweight
- Firmware upgradable

-Due to recent firmware (Nov 2021) of Xbox One controllers, wireless connection with the adapter is not supported. Please make sure you have upgraded the X One SE to latest version (released Jan 2022) to solve the problem.
-X One SE is no built-in battery, so you need to use it with an Xbox controller.
-X One SE powered by Xbox controller. We suggest using a stable voltage "lithium battery/lithium rechargeable battery”, or the Microsoft original“Xbox Rechargeable Battery" in the Xbox controller for the best experience.
- If you need to use the Remap/Turbo/Hold function when connecting to a PC, it is recommended that you connect in PS4 simulation mode.
-The first time you use the X One Adapter SE on Switch, you need to pair it with the wireless controller.
- When connected to the Switch, the “Capture/Touchpad simulate button” can be used instead of the Capture button.
- HOLD function can be used in conjunction with the Turbo function and Remap Function.
- For a detailed set up instruction and compatibility list, please refer to Brook official website. Subject to Brook's official website

Package Includes:
1 x X One SE Adapter (USB-C version)
1 x Micro USB to 90-degree Type-C Cable

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