Brook Wingman NS Controller Adapter Converter for PS3/PS4 for Xbox 360 for Xbox One for Xbox One Elite 1/2 Controller to Nintendo Switch



  • $45.00

Yes, of course you love Switch and there are so many great games on it, don't you? But for those of you who are keen to explore the world of gaming, perhaps you'd prefer to use your usual Xbox or PS controller? Wingman NS, the answer to your cravings. Make PS and Xbox controllers serve your Nintendo Switch. Use PS5/PS4/PS3/Xbox One/Xbox One Elite 1&2/XSX/XSS/Xbox 360 controller and arcade stick on your Switch.

- Compatible with wired Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Elite 1&2, Xbox Series X/S controllers and arcade sticks, wired Sega Astro City Mini/MegaDrive Mini controllers and USB wired/ BT wireless PS5/PS4/PS3/Switch Pro controller
- Compatible with Xbox 360 Gaming Receiver and Xbox Adaptive controller.
- Compatible with Nintendo Switch/PC (X-Input)
- Hot swapping. Auto-register controllers. Optimal button mapping.
- Support Turbo function.
- Light weight and USB-sized
- Firmware upgradable

- Due to recent firmware (Nov 2021) of Xbox One controllers, wireless connection with the adapter is not supported. Please make sure wired connection is used.
- Each Wingman NS can only connect to a single device. It supports most of the accessories that are compatible with original factory specifications. To expand the number of supported accessories, firmware will be updated irregularly.
- Please update to the latest firmware before use.
- DO NOT support the headset/microphone function which is provided by the controller audio jack.
- Please make sure “System > Setting > Controller & Sensor > Pro Controller Wired Communication” is turned “ON”.
- If Xbox One Elite Series 2 controller is used, please turn off controller profile settings to prevent interference with Wingman NS’s Turbo or Remap settings.
- As Xbox One Elite Series 1 controller is incapable of turning off profile settings, please make sure that the controller buttons are configured to the factory default settings to ensure correct operation of the Turbo/Remap settings.
- For a detailed set up instruction and compatibility list, please refer to Brook official website. Subject to Brook's official website

Package Includes:
1 x Brook Wingman NS Adapter

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