Brook UFB Universal Fighting Board Fusion with Pin-Header (2nd Edition Upgrade) (EMM0011034)



  • $130.00

Ultimate component for PS5 fighting games! 

Universal Fighting Board-Fusion combines the Universal Fighting Board (UFB) and UFB-UP5 into one. It is a fighting board that continues the functions of the UFB and is compatible with fighting games on the PS5 console. It is a fighting board specially developed for all players who like fighting games.

-Low operation input lag
-Widely compatible with various consoles, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Retro Mini and PC and other mainstream game console platforms, allowing you to freely shuttle between various platforms.
-Support TURBO and LS/RS/DP control mode.
-Support simulating Touchpad presses. 
-Support SOCD mode switching. You can choose a mode that conforms to the game competition rules. Fully complies with the competition regulations.
-Easy to install. Pre-equipped with connectors. Plug and play by connecting the fighting cable (excluded). 
-Firmware upgradable via Brook official website.

Console Compatibility:
PS5 Fighting Games, PS4, PS3, Xbox Original Gen. 1, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, PS Class, MD Mini, NeoGeo Mini, Astro Mini, PC (Win/macOS)

-UFBF's PS5 compatibility is designed specifically for fighting games. It does not support left or right analog stick control.
-Some fighting games that do not have a native designation for fighting sticks may not work 
-If a game is unsupported, the UFBF may stop functioning on the game after 8 minutes.

Package Included:
1 x Universal Fighting Board - Fusion (with Pin-Header)

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