7 In 1 Joystick Repair Kit with Opening Tool for PS5 DualSense Controller



  • $9.90

-High quality replacement 3D thumbsticks and thumb caps for PS5 controllers. Ideal for replacing damaged or non-working 3D joysticks, dealing with most problems such as stick drift, creeping, stuttering, blind spots, dead zones, no click, non-centered, broken, and loose joysticks.
-Easy to install. Comes with a screwdriver and two prying tools to disassemble and assemble the controller. Video guide can be viewed online.
-Made by Third Party, NOT official items. Opening the controller may void the warranty and professional installation skill is required.
-Compatible with PS5 controllers only.

Package Includes: 
2 x 3-PIN Analog Stick
2 x Analog Thumb Cap
1 x "+ 1.5" Cross Screwdriver
2 x Prying tool

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