DOBE USB Hub for PS4 Slim Gaming Console - Black



  • $5.79


PS4 Slim Hub is based on the USB ports of PS4 Slim to design it, and easy to use. While using it, plug it to the PS4 Slim console, then plug the PS4 controller into its USB 3.1 ports to start using.



  • Applicable scope: Suitable for PS4 Slim console
  • Ports: 1x USB3.1 + 3x USB2.0
  • Product size: 38*38*120mm
  • Material: ABS


Designed for PS4 Slim console. Not compatible with Original PS4 or PS4 Pro.

IMPORTANT: DOES NOT support external hard drive

Package Includes: 

1x DOBE USB Hub for PS4 Slim (Black)

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