ONLY Xbox 360 XCM Rapid Fire Gear Pro Controller Shell Mod LED



  • $47.08


Caution! Shell only. Controller is NOT included and soldering is required for installation.

Built-in Tilt sensor technology
Adds Rapid Fire (turbo) to any combination of buttons, triggers and bumpers.
Easily turn Rapid Fire (turbo) on or off any button in a matter of seconds.
Complete controller case replacement - includes top, bottom cases as well as buttons, bumpers and triggers.
The built in LEDs allow you to tell exactly which buttons, bumpers, or triggers are on Rapid Fire.
XCM Rapid Fire Gear is compatible with all original Xbox 360 wireless controllers!
Demo : Click Here

Package Includes:
1 x Upper Case and Lower Case
1 x Abxy button (set)
1 x Guide button
1 x Guide button ring
1 x LT button and RT button
1 x Start button and Back button
1 x Lower trim and Upper trim
1 x D-pad button and D-pad bottom
1 x Syn button
1 x Battery Case
2 x PCB Board (for 2 version Xbox 360 Controllers)
1 x LED Ring(Set)
1 x T8 Screwdriver
1 x User Maunal

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