Sony Playstation PS 3 XCM E-Setter

Sony Playstation PS 3 XCM E-Setter



  • $18.14


The e-setter is a device that allow the user to easily set up their TV screen to be used with the Playstation 3 gaming console. It solves an annoying problem of black screen when switching your PS3 from one TV to another.
People who have 2 or more TVs at home wanting to move the PS3 to play on another TV, may find that there is no picture display after moving because the output resolution is different on each TV. They would have to set the PS3 back to original setting on their current TV before move to another TV.

Setting the output of PS3 is complicated, and takes up to half hour to do so.
The e-setter is a device for users to set up the output resolution easily, switch a buttons and get set up in a few seconds.

- Resolution output keys- pre-set for 480i ,480P, 720P, 1080i ,1080P and HDMI Auto
- Output selection including: HDMI, YUV, RGB, AV
- USB plug and play
- Can reset screen picture when no picture is available
- Support hardware upgrade , support different versions of consoles
- (NOT compatible with PS3 Slim.)

Package Includes:
1 x E-Setter

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