Xbox One Wireless Controller Shell Case



  • $11.16


- This controller shell set contents every outer parts that you can touch. With this complete controller shell set and tools you can easily renew your controller or modify to your favorite color.

- Please modify the buttons which come with the controller shell , if you use the original buttons , they may not 100% fit the controller shell and we are not responsible for that.
- Case Unlock Reference :
- This controller shell is compatiable with the version with 3.5mm headphone jack. Please refer to the attached picture.

Package Includes:
1 x Upper Case
1 x Lower Case
1 x Left Cover
1 x Right Cover
1 x Battery Cover
1 x *Top Cover (around the XBox button)
1 x View Button
1 x Menu Button
1 x D-pad Button
1 x Xbox Button
1 x ABXY Button Set
2 x Thumbstick
1 x Left Trigger
1 x Right Trigger
1 x Left Bumper
1 x Right Bumper
1 x Screws Set (5 x Big, 4 x Small)
1 x Prying Tools
1 x T8 Screwdriver
1 x T6 Screwdriver


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