Steering Wheel Controller

Steering Wheel Controller



  • $2.90


PS3 MOVE Steering Wheel is a product designed and developed according to PS3 console racing games. It can enhance the simulation effect of the game. Just insert the PS3 MOVE long controller into the shell of the steering wheel after entering the racing game and then you can use it. It doesn't affect the relevant function operation of PS3 MOVE controller
- Real simulation effect design
- Each button adopts hollow design. It completely doesn't affect the relevant function operation of the PS3 MOVE controller
- With skid-proof and sweat proof design at the handgrip part
- Convenient to change the steering wheel which makes you feel more realistic when playing the games
- Simply insert the PS3 MOVE controller into the shell and then you can use it, very easy and convenient
- Protect your PS MOVE controller effectively after being fixed into the steering wheel

Package Includes:
1 x Steering Wheel for PS MOVE

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