Silicone Full Protect Case Set With Thumb Stick Console Cover



  • $4.44


- Design for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers and the console
- Make of high-quality silicone, securely attach to the Joy-Con controllers and the Switch console
- Smooth surface, easy for cleaning
- Protect your controllers and console from bump and scrape
- Prevent wear and tear and enhance the grip on your Nintendo Switch controllers and console
- Come with four set of Thumb Stick Caps. Two of the them are thicker in order to enhance the hand feeling

Package includes:
1 X Blue Silicone Controller Protect Case (Left)
1 X Red Silicone Controller Protect Case (Right)
4 X Grey Silicone Thumb Stick Caps
2 X Red Thick Silicone Thumb Stick Caps
2 X Blue Thick Silicone Thumb Stick Caps
1 x Black Silicone Console Protect Case

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