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Retro Freak is a retro game system which allows you to play cartridges of 12 different game consoles. If you kept old game cartridges from childhood, you would be able to relive the astonishment and excitement once again. This is the Latest version of Retro Freak PREMIUM! Controller adapter and a USB cable are included!



The Retro Freak is an incredible Retro Gaming Console that enables you to play the original games from PC Engine, TurboGrafx-16, Super Grafx, NES, Famicom, SNES, Super Famicom, SEGA Genesis, SEGA Mega Drive, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance!


The console also allows you to rip and install games on to the console with the use of an SD card! The device comes with an HDMI output and supports HD up-scaling, instant saving and cheat codes which can be found online.


The Retro Freak retro games Console comes in two main parts. The largest of the two is the cartridge adapter, whilst the smallest part hides underneath emulating all your favourite old school games.


It will also work with modern gamepads such as the DualShock 3 and DualShock 4. The premium version also ships with the controller adapter that supports TurboGrafx, Famicom, Super Famicom, and SEGA Genesis Controllers.


You can play 12 kinds of games:

- Nintodo Entertainment System (NES)
- Family computer (FC)
- Super Family computer (SFC)
- Game Boy
- Game Boy Color
- Game Boy Advance
- MEGA Drive
- Genesis
- PC-Engine
- TurboGrafix-16
- PC-Engine Super Grapfx

- 12 model 9000 corresponding to the title more than retro games

- Transfer Original cartridge Data into SD Card For a Digital Archive
- HDMI output allows you to connect your TV/Monitor
- Quick Save function allows you to save the game data in anyplace

- Image and sound quality can be set easily

- Advanced Emulator Options including multiple save states, filters, cheat codes, and more! Upgradeable firmware
- USB Pad is supported. When you are using the "Controller Adapter", the original pads can be used as well.

- Includes controller adapter for TurboGrafx, Famicom, Super Famicom, and SEGA Genesis controllers
- English language is supported.

- Full CE Mark
- Game Card/ Software is NOT included.

- Console comes with UK Plug ( 3 Pins ) & EU Plug (2 Round  Pins) universal power adapter (100-240v). If you need it to play in Australia, we can send you a AU (3 Pins) travel plug for free but please remark it when you are ordering. 


Retro Freak UK and EU Edition (12 in 1 Retro Gaming Console)

All the retro game systems on unified, user-friendly menu
12retro game systems in one unified system. Retro Freak provides many functionalities yet sorted cleanly and easy to use


Clear high quality picture even on a big monitorwith HDMI connection and high resolution
When a retro game system was plugged to a current high definition monitor, pictures could be obscured or, depending on systems, they're unable to connect at all. Retro Freak elected to use HDMI to match the display technology trends of current monitors. For this reason, Retro Freak produces crisp display by automatically convert pictures to 720p and produce excellent sound qualities compared to a conventional analog connector.


Customize the game environment the way you like with varieties of settings such as Display Filter and Sound Enhancement
Games that are played on Retro Freak not only convert to the higher picture quality but also available to display full screen by [Change Aspect Ratio], divide and save picture’s each dot to even smaller measure and display smoother graphics by [Display Filter], and even more settings that you can control. Also it gives control over audio by changing the Bass and Treble as you would like it to be.


Able to Save Data even if a cartridge has exhausted SRAM battery
With Retro Freak, you can save game data on the system even if a game cartridge has exhausted its back-up battery. Just save it as usual and data would be saved on Retro Freak system itself. Furthermore, the data saved on Retro Freak system will not expire because of exhausted batteries; you can backup saved data onto microSD and your computer (via microSD). Also, if a game cartridge still has old saved data, Retro Freak can import them, or export one made on Retro Freak to a cartridge.


Save the game anytime, anywhere with Save State
Retro Freak allows you to save a game at any point by the Save State function, and lets you play at the save. Even with an unforgiving game that return you all the way back to the beginning with one mistake, you can load up the progression at the point you’ve saved with this Save State function. Also, for a game that requires password to continue, Save State allows you to skip the process and continue without needing to take a note of password. Save State function can save up to 100 data per game and it works for any game that can be run by Retro Freak.


Retro Freak Standard Controller isa suitable controller for retro games.


Compatible to various USB Controllers
Retro Freak’s USB ports allow you to plug-in commercially available USB controllers of your choice such as PS3 or PS4 controllers.



It supports retro game system's official controller and accessories

Controllers with compatible connector port

1. NES/AV Famicom Controller port
2. Genesis/Mega Drive Controller port
3. PC Engine/Turbo Duo Controller port
4. SNES/Super Famicom Controller port
5. Famicom Expansion port



Customizable button mapping function
Ability to play a multiplayer game with friends.

Retro Freak allows users to freely pair a game and controller for a game system. Remap buttons for each controller, change turbo fire button and turbo fire rate. Use your favorite controller in the way you want to. Also, you can connect multiple controllers for multiplayer games for up to 5 players.


Install your cartridge games on Retro Freak.

Conventionally, retro game systems could only run a game while cartridge was inserted into the system itself. Retro Freak can install any game from a game cartridge, and you will be able to run an installed game without inserting the cartridge. This allows you to keep your valuable old retro game cartridges from damaged by repeatedly using them, yet still be able to enjoy them.

- To use this function, microSD is needed separately
- Installation is available only for games that a user owns
- Installed games are only available for the Retro Freak system which installed them
- Whether to install a game or not can be decided individually. Even if a game wasn't installed to Retro Freak, you can play a game by insert a cartridge to the system


Beat a game with the invincible mode by using Cheat Functions

Cheat Function allows you to modify your game such as give max amount of money or level, change an item, and make your character invincible.
Each Cheat Function has cheat codes for each game that looks like a numeric password. Retro Freak customer support website has cheat codes, and easily downloadable by using microSD (sold separately) for free.


*To use this feature, microSD and a computer with the Internet connection are required.



Create your customized game environment with settings that aren't available on retro game systems

Among many functionalities that Retro Freak provides to make an accessible gameplay experience, it can also overclock a game and switch regions.
Also, language on the system can be changed (Japanese/English/Traditional Chinese), and free updates will add more convenient functions in the future.


Other features and functions

- Change System Language (Japanese/English/Traditional Chinese)
- Gameplay Screenshot (PNG/JPG)
- View Screenshots
- Overclock (fast forward or slow a game)
- Display Scanlines
- Display Overscan
- Change refresh rate
- Change screen size
- Display original aspect ratio
- Force RGB full range output
- Auto-load a game from its last state
- Display Retro Freak instructions
- Reduce audio latency
- Change the region of the game system(Japan, NA, EU)
- Storage management
- File manager
- Patches for PC Emulator*
- Compatible to homebrew games*
- [FC] Microphone input available through shortcut key
- [PCE] 6 button pad mode on/off
- [GB/GBC] Change the hardware type (GB/GBC/SGB)
- [GB/GBC] Change the color palette  
- [GBC] Picture frame on/off
- [SMS/MKIII] FM audio on/off

*To use these features, separately sold microSD is required


The compatibility does not guarantee that the system would run 100% of cartridges and accessories even if they are listed as compatible, some of them may not work properly including audio and video.


Package Include:
1 x Retro Freak Console
1 x Retro Freak Cartridge Adapter

1 x NES Adapter
1 x Original Controller Adapter (e.g. Famicom, Super Famicom, Mega Drive, PC Engine)
1 x Retro Freak Controller
1 x HDMI Cable

1 x USB Cable
1 x AC Adaptor (UK & EU Plug)


* No physical manual included. It was saved in the console.

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