USA Warehouse - Printerfield IR-40T (6 Pack) Compatible Calculator Printer Ribbons Ink Roller - Black & Red



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Please carefully store and do not use the ink roller in direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, dusty or wet conditions.

Compatible with Canon: CP13/ MP-12D/ MP-120DH/ MP-120DL/MP-120DLE/P120DH/P121DH/P15D/P160DH/P2DH/P200DH/P200DHII/P200DHIII/P22D/P22DX/P220DH/P23DE/P23DH/P23DHII/P23DHIII/P23DHV/P23DHVG/
Compatible with Casio:1215S/FR1110/FR120C/FR125/FR125/FR2215/FR2215S/FR2600/FR2650/FR2650A/FR2650Plus/FR 320/FR 50/FR 520/HR 100 LC/HR100T/ HR100TE/HR100TE Plus/HR100TM/HR100TM Plus/HR110S/HR120T/HR150LC/HR 150LC Plus/HR150 LCS/HR150TE/HR150TE Plus/HR150TM/HR150 TM Plus/HR160L/HR170L/HR170LB/HR 18
Compatible with Sharp: EL1614/EL 1620 S/EL 1626/EL 1626 H/EL 1750 P/EL 1750 P II/ EL1750 V/EL1801 P/EL 1801 P III/EL 1801 V/EL 2192/EL 2620/EL 2620 S/EL 2626/ EL 2626 H/EL 2628EL-1750V/EL-1801V
Compatible with Victor:1208-2/1210-2/1210-3A/1212/1212-2/1220-2/1220-3/1220-4/1225-2/1228/1228-2 /1230/1230-2/1230-3/1245
Compatible with Texas Instruments:5032 SVC/5035/5035 II/5045/5045 II/5045 SV
Compatible with Adler:4212/4212 PD/4212 PD Carat/4212 PD/R C 007
Compatible with Aurora:14 PD/87 PD/PR 190/
Compatible with Citizen:CX 110/CX115/CX 123/CX 215/CX 220/CX 55/CX 88
Compatible with Epson:M 31 T/ M 32 T
Compatible with Euroka:10 EX/IMP 0085
Compatible with Facit:2267/C250/C255/C260/C275
Compatible with Grundig Gd 2000
Compatible with Ibico :1202/1214/1215/1219/1222
Compatible with Marchant 125 PD
Compatible with MBO :1241 PD/1242 PD
Compatible with Monroe:12 PD/SB-1212/SB-612
Compatible with Niko: 1231 PD/1232
Compatible with Swintec : 301 DP/Teal 212 PD
Compatible with Texas Instruments : 5032 SVC/5035/5035 II/5045/5045 II/5045 II A/5045 SV
Compatible with Tricom : 1265 MPD/ Adler 4212 PD
Compatible with Unisonic : XL 1136/XL 1248/XL 1249/XL 1257/XL 1267
two color ink roller print calculator
Can be used instead of CP13 / NR42

Package includes:
1 x IR-40T Ink ribbon (6 Pack)

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