Xbox One X Multifunction Vertical Stand Cooling Fan Charging Station Dock Discs Storage



  • $14.99

Caution :  This is for Xbox One X model only



-Multifunction 5-In-1: XBox One X Console Vertical Stand + Cooler + Dual Charging Station for Controller + 3 USB hubs + Game storage rack

-Keep your xbox one X cool - The Xbox One X Stand is specifically designed to keep your Xbox One X operating at optimal temperatures, so you never have to worry about it overheating.

-Dual charging station for controller: Charging station with 2 charger ports to charge both of your Xbox One X controllers simultaneously,saving your time when need to charge the controllers

-Quality design - Made of high quality material, the Xbox One X Stand is built to last and is one of the top Xbox accessories on the market.

-Space saving and easy installation- 3 Extra USB HUB Ports allow you not only to save your game in data storage, but also charge your handset or electronics while enjoying your Game.

-Keeps your Xbox One X Team Safe, Protected, and Organized.



-With 2 Pcs high speed built-in fans


-Can cool down the host

-Can store multiple game discs

-Can charge two wireless controllers at the same time



1.Please do not store this product in wet or high-temperature areas.

2.Don't knap, beat, drub, pierce, or try to decompose this product, to avoid unnecessary damage to the product.


Package Includes: 

1 x Xbox One X Vertical Stand Cooling Fan

1 x Game Discs Storage Tower Mount

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