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-Frequency Range: 100KHz-3GHz (with antenna)
-RF Sensitive: Max -40.97dbmv
-Antenna (in) Interface: SMA Female
-Battery built-in: 200mah Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
-Size without Socket: 75 x 100 x 64mm
-Built-in automatic damping function, which is the buffer function, prevents the needle from swinging too fast to cause damage.

Instructions for use:
Before use:
-Please rotate the "amplitude adjustment" to the left most end. The length of the antenna to be pulled depends on the frequency of the test. It is better to have 1/4 wave as much as possible.
-The handheld walkie-talkie is about one meter away from the field strength meter. Don't be too close! In order to avoid the signal is too strong to burn the field strength meter!
-Press the walkie-talkie PTT button to make the walkie-talkie enter the launch state. At this time, the pointer of the field strength meter should have a signal indication. The stronger the signal, the greater the indication!

Method for testing the maximum gain point of an antenna:
1. In order to change the frequency conveniently and quickly, you should use the keyboard to set the frequency walkie-talkie manually.
2. Link the walkie-talkie and antenna feeders, place the field strength meter near the antenna (depending on the environment). Place it within the vertical radiation angle of the antenna as much as possible, and the antenna planning method is best.
3. Set the frequency of the walkie-talkie, press the launch button, observe the meter reading, and register the meter reading. Then set the walkie-talkie to other frequency points, let the walkie-talkie enter the launch state again, observe the meter reading and then compare the readings of each frequency point! You can know the best frequency/segment of the antenna under test!

1x SS-11 Portable Field Strength Test Meter
1x SMA MALE UHF Telescopic Antenna
1x Micro USB Cable
1x English Instructions

  • -Test suitable antenna for walkie-talkie use. High sensitivity. Frequency bandwidth: 1000KHz-3000MHz. Measurement of radio field strength. The pointer amplitude can be adjusted (to protect the meter)
  • -It requires Amp to run the meter. Please ensure that the whip antenna is parallel with the polarity of the antenna you are reading.
  • -Please use different frequency antennas to test signals with different frequencies for better effect and sensitivity. The pointer amplitude can be adjusted (to protect the meter).
  • -If the field strength indicator indicates that the maximum range is exceeded, the "amplitude adjustment" can be adjusted to let the pointer indicate the appropriate position.
  • -If you have any problem with this unit, please check the appropriate section of this manual. If the problem is not mentioned, please feel free to contact us.

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