XBox 360 Intensafire Illuminating LED Duo Color Thumbsticks

XBox 360 Intensafire Illuminating LED Duo Color Thumbsticks



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( This Product only work with Intensafire Xbox 360)
This super easy to install enhancement will turn your thumbsticks into a disco show. The illuminating thumbsticks clip on to the IntensaFIRE 3.0 in seconds. You will have 6 different modes:
Mode 1- Turns on a single color LED.
Mode 2- Turns on the other single color LED.
Mode 3- Turns on the both colors at the same time to create a new color.
Mode 4- Makes the LEDs change by themselves.
Mode 5- Makes the LEDs colors switch through each thumbstick separately.
Mode 6- Smoothly transitions the LEDs to change through all 3 colors.

Product picture is for reference only. Due to different display screen may bring huge color difference to the same picture, please understand there may occur color range difference of the physical product. We don't hold any responsibility to the color difference and will not accept about such related complaint.

Package Includes:
2 x LED-Rings
1 x Connect Cable
2 x Clear Analog Thumbsticks

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