Hori Classic Controller for Nintendo Switch/PC - The Legend of Zelda Edition (NSW-108A)



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Hori Classic Controller for Nintendo Switch The Legend of Zelda Edition.
Connect to your Nintendo Switch dock via USB cable and feature a lightweight design to aid your comfort when playing for long periods of time. Each controller has a textured surface on the handles for more grip and you can actually reassign certain buttons such as the L/R and ZL/ZR triggers. Compatible with all region of Nintendo Switch

- Buttons that are easy to push
With a large button, you can push the button easier. In addition, you can switch the assignment of L / R and ZL / ZR button functions. You can play games with easy-to-play button layout.
- Three staged firefighters
It is possible to set fireflies and fire hold in three steps of about 5, 10, 20 times per second.
Configurable button: A button / B button / X button / Y button / L button / R button / ZL button / ZR button / cross button (up and down, left and right - can be set only for rapid fire)
- Textured surface non-slippery grip
The grip part has been subjected to special surface treatment. Hands are becoming less slippery.
- USB connection
You can play games by connecting the USB to the Nintendo Switch dock. Multiple units can be connected. It corresponds to PC (Xinput).

Size: (W) 141mm x (L) 103mm x (H)69mm
Cable Length: 3m
Weight: 230g
Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8.7

- No English manual is included
- Please connect this product to the Nintendo Switch dock. It cannot be connected to the Nintendo Switch itself. (ONLY support TV mode, NOT Tablet mode/Mobile mode)
- Button arrangement differs from Nintendo genuine Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro controller, so it may be difficult to play depending on the game.
- This product does not have the following features. You can not play comfortably in games using these features: Gyro sensor, Motion IR camera, Acceleration sensor, Player lamp, HD vibration, INFORMATION LAMP, NFC (Near Field Communication).

Package Includes:
1 x NS Classic Controller - The Legend of Zelda Edition

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