USA Warehouse - Gam3Gear 46-S2 50cm S2 Plug 2 Pin Repeater Controller Cable for ICOM MIDLAND Mobile Radio Walkie Talkie



  • $9.29

46-S2 Repeater Controller cable for MIDLAND (S2 Plug 2Pin)
2 pin cable for repeater controller (S2 plug)
Compatible for MIDLAND
Cable length: 40cm

Package Includes:
1× 46-S2 Repeater controller Cable for MIDLAND (S2 plug 2 pin)

  • Repeater Controller Cable for MIDLAND (S2 plug 2pin)
  • Cable length: 50 cm
  • Compatible with Maxon models: SP14, SP130, SP120, SP130, SPI140, SP300, SP310, SP320, SP330, SP340, SL25, SL55, SL55+, SL100K
  • Compatible with Midland - All 2-Pin models: 5-785, 75440, GTX-200, GTX-250, GTX-300, GTX-325, GTX-400, GTX-444, GTX-450, G-225, G-227, G-300, GXT500VP

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