USA Warehouse - Gam3Gear 46-D 40cm 4 Pole Plug DIY Repeater Controller Cable for Surecom SR-112 SR-628 SR-328 SR-629 Mobile Radio Walkie Talkie



  • $8.34

- No Packing
- High quality and efficient
- Length: 40cm
- Compatible with Repeater Controller SR-112,SR-628,SR-328,SR-629

Package includes:
1 x 3.5mm x17mm 46-D 40cm DIY Cable

  • DIY Cable for Repeater Controller SR-112,SR-628,SR-328,SR-629
  • 3.5mm x17mm 4 pole Plug
  • GND: BLACK tube; Repeater audio in ( for Radio Speaker out): YELLOW (BLACK); P.T.T. ON/OFF: WHITE; Repeater mic Out : RED
  • NOTE: instruction and tools are NOT included.

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