XBox 360 Extreme Complete Drill-free Uniclamp Kit



  • $7.20

The XBRdepot eXtreme Drill-free Uniclamp™ mod is our flagship product. If every 360 shipped with one of these, there would be no RROD! It is the best, most effective way to prevent and repair XBOX 360 failure. Get rid of your RROD 3 red lights for good. The Uniclamp™ backplate and pads fit under the motherboard providing the structural support needed for the core processors to maintain proper function. Our Uniclamp™ kit eliminates the stress and flex caused by the faulty design. Once installed the XBOX is no longer at risk for failure. Every uniclamp kit comes with our eXtreme-III™ Thermal Pads for CPU and GPU which cool the system 6°C or more without any additional noise! 

Unique Benefits
No drilling or cutting! XBRdepot makes the only Drill-free Uniclamp™ mod in the world.
Our aircraft-grade aluminum uniclamp™ is the strongest. It will not bend or flex.
eXtreme-III™ Thermal Pads drop core temps 6°C or more with no extra noise! Gives you performance equivalent to an after-market fan.
Drill-free version installs in less than an hour for most users!

Package Includes:
1 bag of hardware – 8 precision screws, 40 precision washers each
1 aircraft-grade aluminum XBRdepot Uniclamp™ backplate with eXtreme-III™ GPU CPU Thermal Pads (3.0W/m-K)
1g premium XBRdepot 900 thermal compound (3.8W/m-K)
1 x 4 extra thick eXtreme-III™ RAM Thermal Pads – Cools RAM by 35%
NEW FOR 2011! ANA/HANA anodized heatsink – Cure E74
1 x 2 versatile cooper heatsinks
1 southbridge cooling plate clamp fix
1 x 2 mini 1mm RAM pads for under GPU heatsink
1 open tool set with powdercoated unlock tool and torx T8 and T10 screwdrivers
GPU and CPU shims – Equalizes pressure, and protect the chips from cracking
1 x 4 self-sticking DVD drive pads
1 DVD drive belt 
sandpaper for metal chassis standoff 
Detailed step-by-step e-manual and support

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