Dual-Modular Crimping Tool Wire Stripper



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- Non-Ratchet Type: Remove the closed lock to open the handles.
- Ratchet Type: Squeeze the handles until it stops to open the handles.

Cutting Modular cable:
1.Place the single-bladed side of the tool's cutter facing you and cut the modular cable to the desired length. Make sure to cut the ends of the cord straight across, not diagonally.
2.Stripping modular cable (Flat cable)
2a. Insert 6P Cable into the two-bladed side of the tool's stripper until it touches the stop guide.
2b. Insert the 8P Cable into the two-bladed side of the tool's stripper and let it extend a little past the lower cut blade.
3. Squeeze handles until it stops cable must be kept perpendicular and then pull from the tool.
4. Remove the outer jacket, insert the stripped cable into the plug and be sure the left wire at one and matches the right wire at the other end.
5. Place modular plug with cable into the tool's holder. Be sure the stripped wire is between the tab and good contact. Squeeze handles until it stops.
6. Remove the crimped plug from the tool.

Color: Black
HT-N568R, For Crimping modular Plug: 8P8C / RJ45, 6P6C/RJ12, 6P4C/RJ11

Package Includes
1 x Crimping Tool