5 In 1 Aluminum Alloy Dock Station for Steam Deck/Nintendo Switch/OLED



  • $34.99

-This 5 in 1 TV Docking Station is specially designed for Steam Deck, equipped with a 4K HDMI output, a Type-C PD fast charging port and three USB3.0 data ports. The stand has an optimal viewing angle. You can enjoy playing video games on TV while your device is charging at the same time.
-The 4K@60Hz HDMI 2.0 port allow you to project game page from your Steam Deck to a 4K HDTV or monitor, providing you a clearer and smoother viewing experience, and enjoying the game on a bigger screen.
-The Type-C charging port supports up to 100W PD fast charge. Recommend using the original Steam Deck AC adapter for a more stable power supply (max. charging speed of the Steam Deck is 45W).
-Extra three USB3.0 data port allows to connect wired gamepad controller, keyboard, controller adapters, and so on.
-Made with Aluminum Alloy body shell with vents. Speed up the heat dissipation of the dock and ensure smooth operation of the console and the dock station. Equipped with anti-slip pads to avoid scratches and sliding.
-Also compatible with Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED (placing upside down), tablets, smartphones and other devices with Type-C charging port.
-Product Size: about 14.5 x 6.5 x 2cm. Cable Length: about 19cm.

-NOT compatible with protective case with Kickstand. Please ensure that the thickness of your protective case is less than 2mm or remove it before use.
-Recommend using the original Steam Deck AC adapter for a more stable power supply.
-When your Steam Deck is connected to Docking Station, you need to adjust its resolution after entering desktop mode in order to achieve 4K output.
-Since many games themselves are not well adapted in handheld mode, you may not be able to adjust the 4K resolution if you enter the game from handheld mode. We recommend that you restart the game and open the game you want in desktop mode to complete the 4K output.
-Please use an HDMI 2.0 cable or higher standard version (excluded) with cable length less than 2m/6.6ft.
-DO NOT use HDMI to DisplayPort cables or adapter.
-When you are docking your steam deck and need to connect high power external devices, please make sure to connect your PD charger to the docking station provide sufficient power. (Steam Deck and Docking Station cannot power high power external devices by themselves).
-The PD charging current depends on the device. Devices that do not support Type-C PD fast charging protocol, the max. charging current is 5V/2A.
-The USB-C female port supports PD charging only, not for data transfer. PD charging adapter is NOT included.
-To use with mobile phone or laptop devices, please ensure the OTG function is supported and must be turned on before using the product. The devices MUST support “Display Output” over USB C for projection mode.

Package Includes: 
1 x 5 In 1 TV Dock Station
1 x Manual

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