Trigger King Dual Adjustable Triggers - Compatible with all official PS4 Controllers Gamepad


Trigger King

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The ONLY Adjustable Hair Trigger Attachment For PlayStation 4 Dualshock Controllers. Trigger King is the leading innovator of performance gaming accessories. Our patent pending TK Precision Tuning Technology is a world's first for trigger attachments. Each Trigger can be individually fine tuned to create the most sensitive hair trigger available. Drastically decreases trigger lag while aiming and shooting: No assembly required: Ergonomically designed to increase comfort, decrease hand fatigue and eliminate unwanted Thumb-Quakes. (Thump-Quakes: An unpopular action common to video games in which the video gamer accidentally depresses the thumbstick button, resulting in stabbing at nothing, pointless reloads, spontaneous crouching and untimely deaths).

- Lastest model of the Trigger King , enhanced function and design for better experience of game play
- Easy to install and compatible with ALL Sony PS4 Controllers
- Aim and Fire Faster than the Competition
- Integrated Sensitivity and Trigger Stop Adjusters with Precision Tuning Wrench
- Ergonomically designed to improve comfort and control

Application Instruction:
1. Clean controller triggers with wet wipe
2. Peel adhesive backing from triggers
3. Firmly press Trigger to the controller

The adjustment screws may scratch the controller body.
This is not the official Sony product

Package Includes:
1 x Trigger King R2 & L2 with Adhesive Tape(set)
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Extra Adhesive tape(set)
1 x Wet Wipe

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