PS3 Wii PC Component AV HDTV RGBHV VGA Cable

PS3 Wii PC Component AV HDTV RGBHV VGA Cable



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With this awesome new product you can now easily connect your Nintendo Wii or Playstation 3 to a PC VGA Monitor/LCD or a HDTV with 15pin VGA Input!
The cable is extremely easy to use and works great! It's basically plug and play so anyone can connect it up in seconds. For full connection/setup instructions see the image below.
The cable will output in a 480p (640x480) resolution when used with the Nintendo Wii console.
When used with a PS3 the cable you can choose between any of the following resolutions: 480p/720p/1080I/1080P
This VGA cable features a unique power saving design and is powered completely from you game console. No additional power supply is required!
Stereo audio is outputted via 2 standard RCA plugs and an audio extension lead is included so you can extend the reach of the audio cables to plug into an amp, external speakers, home theatre or even headphones. You are also still free to use the digital audio outputs of your console.
The cable also provides the bonus of a composite video RCA plug output which can be handy just in case you ever need to connect your console to a standard AV TV you won't need another cable.

Cable Length: approximate 160cm
Audio Extension Length: 180cm

Package Includes:
1 x VGA Cable
1 x 15 Pin Plug Adapter
1 x Headphone Extension Cable

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