Brook LED UV Light Sterilizer Box 99.99% Disinfection Portable for Mobile Cell Phone Clean Anything That Fits - White



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Cell phone screens often contact with our faces. Bacteria can easily cause harm, thus causing skin bacteria breeding and other problems. With Brook Brook LED UV Sterilizer Disinfection Box, you can disinfect your mobile phone in 6 minutes! Compact size, safe and easy to use. Keep you from harmful items!

- Automatic Sterilization in 6 Minutes: Just place mobile phone or other items inside, close the cover and wait for 6 min. You have just discovered the easiest way to sanitizing your every day items!
- LED Indicator: Disinfection will automatically carry out after the lid is closed. Red LED indicator will flash during the whole process.
- Clean Anything That Fits: inner dimension is about L170 * W90 * H22 mm. Fit with mobile phones up to 6.5 inches long, as well as items like cosmetic tools, earpods, key, glasses, jewelry, watches and so on.
- Lid On And Light Off: the UV sterilizer box adopts automatic smart closing function to prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays. If open the lid during sterilizing, the UV lamp will immediately go off and the LED indicator will stay in Red for warning.
- Compact and Easy to Use: powered by micro-USB cable. Simply plug it into the USB port on PC, power bank or USB charger, place your cell phone or other items in and ready for sterilization. Compact size and lightweight, easy to carry to use home, office, or even during travel.

- DO NOT disinfect any liquid.
- DO NOT open the box cover while operation.
- DO NOT wash the box by water, and clean by wet paper or towel.

- Input: 5V 1000mA
- Rated Power: 5W
- UV Light: 254nm
- UV Bulb: 2W x 2
- Bulb Life: 20000h
- Inner Dimension: L170 * W90 * H22 mm
- Item Size: L200 * W118 * H48mm
- Material: ABS
- Weight: 290g

Package Includes:
1 x LED UV Sterilizer Disinfection Box
1 x Micro-USB Cable

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