DSi DSL Lite Silver Talismoon Nomad Carry Bag Airfoam Pouch Case



  • $4.73


Protect your console from scratches and shocks with the NOMAD carry bag series !
Available in Black, Silver and White, the NOMAD pouch will perfectly secure your DSi or DS Lite console !

The NOMAD carry bag will make sure your Nintendo DSi / Nintendo DS Lite console is safe during transportation.
Prevent your console from scratches, shocks and dust, even while playing.
Comes with free cleaning cloth and stylus.

NOMAD carry bag for Nintendo DSi / Nintendo DS Lite
- Hold console, games, stylus and accessories
- Special compartment for 3 games and 1 touch pen
- FREE items included : 1 cleaning cloth + 1 replacement stylus
- Can play while the console is inside the pouch
- 3 colors available : Black, Silver, White
- Compatible with different versions of both Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite

Package Includes:
1 x Nomad Bag
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x Stylus


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